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Functional partitions between two departments

In your greenhouse operation, does the temperature sometimes vary between spaces? If so, MeerDeur lifting panels are ideal. You create an opening in a trice. Fast, and without wasting valuable energy. This is why lifting panels are common solutions for businesses which frequently use internal transport systems. They are also perfect in situations which do not allow for sliding solutions.   

Manual or automatic?

With MeerDeur you have a choice of manual or automatic versions. In the case of the manual model, the panel has a counterweight. Your employees can move the panel with a light arm movement. The automatic version is even more efficient. Opening and closing is controlled by pulsers. There are various models, such as an open/close button, remote control and photoelectric cells. The last option makes the installation of lifting panels an optimum variant: in combination with internal transport systems in the greenhouse, opening and closing can be controlled completely automatically. Automatic versions keep energy loss to a minimum: you can program the panels in advance with a preset waiting time.  

Each panel made to measure

As all panels are made to measure, a tailormade system is available for any situation. Does you company have unusual dimensions? MeerDeur has the solution: for example, the serial installation of multiple panels. MeerDeur also offers you a range of choices of colours and glazing. As such you are not only assured of maximum functionality but also a panel that is worth looking at.

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MeerDeur lifting panel in a greenhouse
MeerDeur lifting panels
MeerDeur lifting panels
MeerDeur lifting panels
MeerDeur lifting panel
Multiple MeerDeur lifting panels
MeerDeur lifting panel control units
Horizontal use of MeerDeur lifting panels
Horizontal application of MeerDeur lifting panels
Picture 1/9  MeerDeur lifting panel in a greenhouse