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MeerDeur. Added value in automatic doors

There are years of experience behind the MeerDeur door. We have been operating in the automatic door business since 1980. As such, we have seen all the developments in this area. At MeerDeur the entire production process is in our hands. Therefore, we possess more know-how as far as automatic doors are concerned. The benefits of this are as you’d expect: more possibilities of responding to different circumstances, optimum control over quality, and a high level of efficiency in our own production and assembly. 

Flexibility is assured 
With our own engineering department, we are able to respond fast and flexibly to a range of wishes and situations. The existing systems supplied by MeerDeur can be custom made for a variety of situations. Furthermore, many of the characteristic innovations of MeerDeur have been developed by our own engineers. As we handle our own manufacturing, the level of quality at MeerDeur is higher than elsewhere. Because of this, we can also ensure an environmentally-friendly production process. The combination of all these disciplines under one roof also increases the readiness to serve that we can offer as a Westland company. We are also keen to assist you in the case of extremely short turnaround times, while ensuring optimum services and maximum quality.

In a range of sectors 
MeerDeur doors find their way to a variety of customers at home and abroad, and in a range of sectors. From retail to industry, from care to residential buildings, from offices to private individuals. A wide range of customers with one thing in common: the desire to invest in an (automatic) door with the best price-performance ratio.