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The ideal solution for revolving doors

There is no better invitation to your residents than a door that swings open automatically. The Gatemaster® GMD is the reliable MeerDeur automatic drive for single and double doors. Each visitor can enter your building without any bother, even those with prams and pushchairs, wheelchairs, mobility scooters and rollators. You decide how long it stays open. Of course, the safety features are of the very highest standard. The integration of the reverse device means that obstacles are detected in good time. If the microprocessor sees that the door is unable to close, the drive goes into reverse. Even in the case of a power outage, your residents can still walk in and out without difficulty. In such cases it is easy to switch over to the optional battery pack or manual operation. The Gatemaster® GMD then functions as a normal door spring.   


The Gatemaster® GMD has a wide range of applications. You can fit the drive to the door itself (single or double) or the frame. The Gatemaster® GMD has three modes as standard: automatic, manual and night closure. Do you want more options? Ask MeerDeur. You get a year’s guarantee as standard. And if you take out a service contract, you can ensure safety and reliability in the longer term, too.

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Manual revolving door
Automatic revolving door
Apparment with MeerDeur revolving doors
Detail revolving door drive
Picture 1/4  Manual revolving door